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Reservations of Bed & Breakfast 
and Farmholiday 
in Denmark
If You use this form we will do a booking and come back
to You with a confirmed booking.
Please fill in the form and send it to Danish Bed and Breakfast
We will come back as soon as possibel to You
You can also book small and cheap hotels
For prices please
choose a language and read the information




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Phone                                    We shall have email or fax in   
    order to do booking.


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Amount of triple/more rooms 

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In order to secure Your reservation please tell us how You would like to do payment.

Form of payment

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Control digits on Your creditcard on the backside of the card

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We will confirm the reservation to you. There is a bookingfee of 25 DKK pr person pr. reservation 
and a small bankfee depending on how you pay

If You don´t want to send this information by Email You are welcome to fill it out, print it
and send it by fax to (+45) 39 61 05 25, To Dansk Bed & Breakfast®


Dansk Bed & Breakfast® and Homelink Denmark & Sweden

Bernstorffsvej 71a
DK 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

Phone (+45) 39 61 04 05    Fax (+45) 39 61 05 25    Email: