Booking condition and Privacy


When You book you do the reservation on our bookingform.
Fill in as much as you can. The more you tell us the better booking we can do for you.

We confirm the booking according to your wish. Normally we confirm within 24 hours to by email or fax.

You have 3 days to confirm the booking with payment or cancel the booking. After that we sent you the vouches and other usefull information like how to get there.

If your booking is within14 days of arrivel You allow Dansk Bed & Breakfast® to charge you direct on the creditcard when you book and we will sent you the voucher.

Bookingsfee: 25 DKK pr adult. If you do not confirm or cancel the booking we charge you 25DKK in booking fee pr. adult.

Bankcost: Between 25 - 50 DKK depending on your form of payment.


Cancellations policy comes together with the comfirmation of the booking.



All the information You give to Dansk Bed & Breakfast® will be keept only to our information. dansk Bed & Breakfast® will keep the information according to Danish. laws.

Non of of your information will be gived away, nor sold or in anyway hand over to 3 party.